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The Story of Hermann Cohen

  • Outline of the works of St.Teresa 

Way of Perfection

Life of St.Teresa(Part One) Autobiography,early years-Chs 1-10

Life of St.Teresa(Part Two) Treatise on Prayer - Chs 11-22

The Interior Castle or The Mansions

Meditations on Song of Songs

  • The works of St.John of the Cross

Introduction to Ascent

Ascent of Mt.Carmel - continued

Ascent of Mt Carmel - continued

Dark Night of Soul - Active

Dark Night of Soul - Passive

Spiritual Canticle - Part One

Spiritual Canticle - Part Two

Spiritual Canticle - Part Three

The Living Flame of Love

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Herman Cohen Ch.1(Childhood 1821-1833)

Chapter 2(The young pianist in Paris(1833)

Chapter 3 `Melancholy Puzzi`(1834-1847)

Chapter 4(A Convert of the Eucharist 1847)

Chapter 5 (Nocturnal Adoration 1848

Chapter 6(Disciple of St.John of the Cross,1849)

Chapter 7(Queen Beauty of Carmel,1850)

Chapter 8(`You are a Priest forever`,1851)

Chapter 9(The Wandering Carmelite)

Chapter 10(Living Stones)

Chapter 11(the Desert and the Fountain,1857)

Chapter 12(Second Spring in England,1862- 1868)

Chapter 13(Confessor and Confidant)

Chapter 14(Return to Lourdes,1868-1870)

Chapter 15(Chaplain at Spandau,1870-1871)

Appendix(Extracts from the Sermons and Writings of Hermann Cohen)


I wrote this account of Hermann Cohen in 1990